Microbes: From Farm to Public Risk

The movement of bacteria and viruses from AFOs, municipal waste water, septic systems, and wildlife continues to complicate water quality throughout the country and world. Though much has been learned in recent years, misconceptions and unknown areas still abound. This webinar discussed the latest trends in microbial source tracking efforts, fate and transport of bacteria in the environment, and quantitative microbial risk assessment.This presentation was originally broadcast on October 19, 2012. More…

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Factors Controlling Subsurface Transport of Manure-Borne Pathogens

Carl Bolster, USDA-ARS (21 minutes)

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Bacterial Source Tracking

Terry Gentry, Texas A&M University (16 minutes)

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Comparative Microbial Risks of Land Applied Municipal and Animal Manure Residuals

John Brooks, USDA-ARS (23 minutes)

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Question and Answer

All Presenters (17 minutes)

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