Nutrient Management Proceedings Waste to Worth 2013

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Farm Nutrient Management

Decision Support Tools Farming Systems

Protecting Puget Sound Using Manure Application Risk Management

Predicting Nutrient Application using CAFOweb

Watershed Nitrogen Reduction Planning Tool

Environmental Footprints of Beef At the Meat Animal Research Center

The Discovery Farms: Helping Farmers Take Control of Water Quality

Adopting Positive Practices  

Nutrient Management Standards–Making Them Work Where We Work

Adoption Trends of Nutrient Related Practices (Canada)

Phosphorus Declining in the Illinois River: Why?

How Do Environmental Strategies Fit Into Risk Management

Will Spreading Bans Reduce Manure Runoff Events?

Using Soil Moisture to Predict Runoff on Non-Frozen Ground

What Practices Reduce Runoff on Slopes Greater than 30%

Silage Pile Leachate

Silage Runoff Characterization

Treatment of Silage Runoff with Vegetated Filter Strip

Tile Drainage

Tile Drainage  

Tile Drainage Field Day to Promote Manure Management

Swine Manure Timing on Subsurface Drainage

Use of Filters in Drainage Control Structures

New Technologies for Drainage Water and Subsurface Irrigation

Drainage Depth and Intensity on Nutrient Loss in the Northern Corn-Belt

Grazing animals

Managing Creek Pastures for Improved Water Quality

Feeding Cattle Without the Feedlot

Balancing Earth, Air and Fire in the Kansas Flint Hills



Designing Structures to Remove Phosphorus from Drainage

Phosphorus Index and Applied Tools

Wisconsin Producer Perspective on the Phosphorus Index

Using Excess Manure to Generate Income in the Chesapeake

Global Supply of Phosphate

EPA Perspective on Nutrient Pollution

Modeling of Phosphorus Movement

By Species

Beef Horse

Environmental Footprints of Beef At the Meat Animal Research Center

Feeding Cattle Without the Feedlot

Efficient Utilization of Equine Manure


Pig Poultry

Influence of Swine Manure on Methanogens and Denitrifiers in Soils

Swine Manure Timing on Subsurface Drainage

What Happens When You Mix Chitosan and Poultry Litter?

Case Study: Poultry Lagoon Closure in Texas