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Dairy production systems play a key role in both reducing agricultural greenhouse gas emissions and leading to more resilient agricultural systems that can adapt to climate change. The goals of this project are to: (i) reduce the life cycle environmental impact from dairy production systems, (ii) identify opportunities to increase the resiliency of dairy production systems, (iii) further develop a decision support tool for producers to identify opportunities to implement management practices that mitigate and adapt at the farm level, and (iv) educate farmers, agricultural industry, policy makers, teachers, students, and the general public on sustainable management practices for dairy.

Specific objectives include: (1) develop a network of monitoring sites across the dairy production system (cow, barn, manure, soil, feed), (2) analyze and integrate processes models across scales, (3) conduct life cycle analysis of dairy production systems, (4) conduct Extension and outreach activities, and (5) conduct education activities.  This project will measure greenhouse gas fluxes at the cow, manure, and soil levels and standardize these measures for use by process modelers. Process modelers will compare and refine models for integration into Life Cycle Analysis. LCA will be used to enhance and further develop decision support tools. Research results across all phases of the project will be integrated into extension and education programming.

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