Global Climate Change – What Does It Mean For Us?

Climatologists are seeing noticeable patterns in data that points toward future weather that will be more extreme and extreme more often. In this presentation, Gary McManus, the State Climatologist for Oklahoma, discusses the basics of climate science, the trends and more. The lecture focuses on Oklahoma and the Southern Plains; however most of the information is relevant nationally.…

Climate Change and Animal Agriculture Self-Study Topics

Each of these free, self-paced modules tackles a specific topic about climate change and animal agriculture. It is best to go through the materials/topics in order as they are designed to progressively take you through the material.

Climate and Weather Trends

How has climate changed? What are the recent trends in rainfall, temperature, etc.?

Climate Science – the Basics

logo for animal agriculture climate change which includes a weather vane with cow and top

Many lines of evidence, from ice cores to marine deposits, indicate that Earth’s temperature, sea level, and distribution of plant and animal species have varied substantially throughout history. Ice cores from Antarctica suggest that over the past 400,000 years global temperature has varied as much as 10 degrees Celsius through ice ages and periods warmer than today.…