Global Climate Change – What Does It Mean For Us?

Climatologists are seeing noticeable patterns in data that points toward future weather that will be more extreme and extreme more often. In this presentation, Gary McManus, the State Climatologist for Oklahoma, discusses the basics of climate science, the trends and more. The lecture focuses on Oklahoma and the Southern Plains; however most of the information is relevant nationally.

This presentation was recorded at the “Climate and Cattle Workshop” held in November, 2014 in Stillwater, OK.

Introduction and Trends in Climate

Climate Science: The Basics

What is the greenhouse effect and what are the physics of this phenomenon?

Observational Data

What are we measuring that indicates climate is changing? What are some of nature’s indicators?

Climate Projections

How confident are climatologists in predicting future patterns? Where are there uncertainties?

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This material was developed through support from the USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA) under award #2011-67003-30206.

The project wishes to gratefully acknowledge Mr. McManus for presenting at the workshop and allowing us to record the lecture. David Smith, Texas A&M and Dr. Saqib Mukhtar organized the workshop.