Assessment of Condensed Distillers Solubles (CDS) and Wet Distillers Grains (WDG) as Sources of Phosphorus Fertilizer for Corn and Wheat

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Some farmers in North Dakota are showing growing interest in applying coproducts from ethanol production, as sources of nutrients for crop production, especially corn and wheat. The majority of these coproducts are used as livestock feedstuff, but sometimes, due to a combination of factors, ethanol plants have a surplus of condensed distillers solubles (CDS) and wet distillers grain (WDG).…

Removing Phosphorus from Drainage Water: The Phosphorus Removal Structure


To illustrate a case study design and construction of a phosphorus removal structure on a poultry farm, and to present the basics of how to properly design a structure.

What did we do?

We constructed a phosphorus (P) removal structure on a poultry farm in Eastern OK; this is a BMP that can remove dissolved P loading in the short term until soil legacy P concentrations decrease below levels of environmental concern.…

Nutrient Recovery Technologies—A Primer on Available and Emerging Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Salt Recovery Approaches, their Performance and Cost


This presentation highlights existing and emerging recovery technologies that can be combined with energy recovery from dairy manure. A variety of technologies is in development, specifically tailored for solids, phosphorus, nitrogen, salt and combinations thereof. Data regarding estimated performance and cost as well as summary graphs are presented.…