Ron Sheffield Memorial Student Poster Competition Winners

The Waste to Worth conference hosts a student poster competition – open to graduate and undergraduate students.

2017 – Cary, North Carolina

  • Erin Stevens University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Allison Deviney NC State University,
  • Linda Schott, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

student poster winnters 2017 waste to worth conference

L to R: Tommy Bass, Erin Stevens, Allison Deviney, Linda Schott

2015 – Seattle

  • First: Laura Kenny, Rutgers University
  • Second: George Neerackal, Washington State University
  • Third: Nicole Schuster, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

student poster winners 2015 waste to worth conference

L to R: George Neerackal, Laura Kenny, Nicole Schuster

2013 – Denver

  • First: Kira Shonkwiler, Colorado State
  • Second: Fei Sun, Washington State
  • Third: Kelsey Bruning, Iowa State

student poster winners 2013 waste to worth conference

L to R: Julianna Sheffield, Kelsey Bruning, Fei Sun, Kira Shonkwiler…

Pathways for Effective Manure Nutriment Management Information Sharing and Education Between Agriculture Professionals: A South Dakota Pilot Test

Why Look at Barriers in Nutrient Management Information Flow?


The issue of manure nutrient management has been the subject of controversy and new policies in recent years as the non-point source discharge of nutrients and bacteria is substantial if manure is not managed properly. Unfortunately, there are barriers between organizations and individuals that prevent the flow of important, timely information between audience types and limits the impact and usefulness of research results.…

How can phosphorus contamination risk be reduced? Presentations from the Waste to Worth 2015 conference

Can the risk of P contamination of water be reduced? This lesson, developed from presentations given at Waste to Worth 2015 gives learners the opportunity to:

  1. Identify how current and previous management can affect phosphorus risk,
  2. Recognize various tools to determine phosphorus risk in different situations, and
  3. Discover one method of decreasing potential water pollution from phosphorus loss.

Proceedings for Waste to Worth 2015 “Advancing Sustainability in Animal Agriculture”

Waste to Worth: Spreading science and solutions logoSeattle was the site for the second Waste to Worth conference (March 30-April 3, 2015). Each proceedings paper include a one-page submission by the author, presentation slides and (90% of the time) a recording of the presentation.

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