2017 Waste to Worth Proceedings Submission Form

This form is for oral and poster presentations. If you have a workshop or panel, please send a one paragraph description, photos and short bios (2 or 3 sentences) for each presenter to Amber Patterson apatterson6@unl.edu and Jill Heemstra jheemstra@unl.edu. See this for an example panel description.

Proceedings Guidelines | Waste to Worth Conference Website | Example proceedings (selected for writing and/or use of imagery) Smith | Bogardus | Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: If the form below does not show up for you, try these steps. 1) look for any warnings in the URL bar, click on them and try to resolve or allow the content 2) download this Word form, fill it out and email to Amber Patterson apatterson6@unl.edu or 3) Copy and paste the outline from the guidelines document into a blank Word (or similar format) document, create your proceedings, and email it with graphics/images as separate attachments to Amber.

Thank you for participating in the 3rd Waste to Worth conference! We look forward to seeing you and hearing more about your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should my paper be?

We recommend that your combined text fields are one page (in Word, Google Docs, or similar program). Images and tables can be added above and beyond that one page. The paper can be longer if you wish, but we request at least one page of text.

What are videos embedded in the past proceedings?

We try to record every presentation at Waste to Worth and embed that video in the proceedings paper after the conference. Every presenter can choose to not be recorded and can indicate such to the session moderator.

How will I know if my proceedings paper was submitted?

You should receive a confirmation email after you submit the form. If you do not, you can contact Jill Heemstra jheemstra@unl.edu. The electronic form system has been very reliable, but problems do occur, especially when many people are submitted at the same time (such as the due date). As such, we HIGHLY recommend that you compose your paper in Word, Google Docs, or similar program so that you have a backup copy.

Can I submit my paper after the due date?

Only papers submitted by the due date are guaranteed to be published by the conference. We do encourage everyone to submit their paper even after the due date. As time/personnel allow, we will try to get late papers published for use after the conference. These papers receive a large number of views, even after the conference is complete.