Chesapeake Bay 2012 – Implications of the TMDL

This is a follow-up webcast to Changing Management of Nutrients in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. That initial webcast told the story of why the TMDL was developed and the nuts and bolts of the TMDL as well as the next steps from 2010 to 2025. This webcasts shows the state response to the TMDL, the legal considerations of the TMDL and the effectiveness of policy interface between agriculture and the environment. This presentation was originally broadcast on February 17, 2012. More…

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Chesapeake Bay Policy 2012 – The TMDL and the State Responses

Kristen Saacke Blunk, Senior Extension Associate and Director of the Penn State Agriculture and Environment Center (20 minutes)

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Chesapeake Bay TMDL – Legal Considerations

Ross Pifer, Director of the Agricultural Law Resource and Reference Center at Penn State (15 minutes)

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Considering Efficiency & Effectiveness of Agri-Environmental Policies for the Chesapeake Bay

Jim Shortle, Distinguished Professor of Agricultural and Environmental Economics at Penn State and Director of the Environment and Natural Resources Institute (23 minutes)

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Question and Answer

All Presenters (17 minutes)

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