Clearing the Air on Biofilters

Biofilters have been widely adopted to filter gas, odor and particulate matter from livestock facilities. However, the science behind “how they work” and the configurations that are in practice are continually evolving. This webinar discusses past and present applications of biofilters, on-going research to better design and manage biofilters, and how to incorporate biofilters as part of an environment control system.This webcast was originally broadcast on December 7, 2012. More…If you have difficulties please see our webcast troubleshooting page. If you need to download a copy of a segment, submit a request.

Biofilters: State of Art

Rich Gates, University of Illinois (28 minutes)

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Design and Management of Biofilters for a Pig Nursery Building – Case Study

Larry Jacobson, University of Minnesota (16 minutes)

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Modern Biofilters, Critical Points in Systems, Footprints, and Costs

Teng Lim, University of Missouri (14 minutes)

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Question and Answer

All Presenters (3 minutes)

Written Summary

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