Feeding Strategies To Reduce Animal Air Emissions Webcast

What strategies are effective in reducing air emission from animals? Learn more about research into beef, dairy and swine. This presentation was originally broadcast on January 16, 2009. More…

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Dietary Effects on Air Emissions: Beef Cattle

Andy Cole, USDA ARS (14 minutes)

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Mitigation of Nitrogen Excretion Through Dietary Manipulations

Mark Hanigan, Virginia Tech (14 minutes)

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Targeted Feeding Strategies to Reduce Dairy Air Emissions

Alex Hristov, Pennsylvania State (10 minutes)

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Feeding Strategies to Reduce Air Emissions: Swine

Scott Carter, Oklahoma State (13 minutes)

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Question and Answer

All Presenters (16 minutes)

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Additional Resource and Links

  • Cole, N. A., 2006. Update on recent protein research for finishing beef cattle fed steam flaked corn-based diets. Proceedings Southwest Nutrition and Management Conference. Feb. 23-24, 2006. Tempe, AZ. pg 67-87. View paper
  • A review of ammonia emission mitigation techniques for concentrated animal feeding operations. View paper