Glossary of Antimicrobial Resistance

If you are just starting to learn about antimicrobials and resistance, first off welcome to the club, we are so happy to have more microbe obsessives! Second, we guessed you might have been encountering some words or concepts that you haven’t heard before. So, we’ve put together this visual glossary for you to explore. Search the table below for a word or unfamiliar phrase and you’ll find a definition AND videos or other websites where you can learn more about that concept. 

How to navigate the glossary

Use the filter or search (magnifying glass icon) features at the top of the glossary frame to look for specific terms of interest. A search will return all occurrences of your term in the glossary (those included in the term name AND the definition), whereas filtering the view to see your search term will show only results in your chosen filter field.

Is something missing from our glossary?

We welcome your suggestions for resources that you have found beneficial in your educational or advisory role.  Please email the project team at to let us know what additional topics or types of resources would be most valuable to you in discussing AMR.


The iAMResponsible project was started by Amy Schmidt at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Stephanie Lansing at the University of Maryland. Find out more about the project here. This product was funded by financial assistance from USDA-NIFA.