Animal Agriculture for a Changing Climate – Stakeholder Forum

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Why Is This Topic Important?

Climate change adaptation and mitigation is an emerging issue for animal agriculture research and extension.  A national team of Extension professionals is developing a web-based educational course, website, and related materials to provide comprehensive education for Extension agents and educators about the latest research, management methods, and tools.  The objectives of this project are: 1) to build a foundation of knowledge; 2) facilitate learning across U.S. regions, and; 3) provide a shorter time from research to extension to application.  The project has a P.I. and an Extension professional in each of five regions across the United States as well as a national P.I. and project coordinator to facilitate having a coordinated national educational effort that is regionally relevant and accessible.     

What Will Be Learned In This Presentation?

The goal of the forum will be to hear from stakeholders: farmers, industry, Extension, and others on how this project, and Extension generally, can best serve their needs related to climate change.


Crystal Powers, Project Coordinator Animal Agriculture and Climate Change, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Each of these Extension Professionals is a Regional coordinator for the Animal Agriculture and Climate Change Project.

  • Pam Knox, Southeastern Region, University of Georgia
  • Jennifer Pronto, Northeastern Region, Cornell University
  • David Schmidt, Midwestern Region, University of Minnesota
  • David Smith, Southwestern Region, Texas A&M University
  • Elizabeth Whitefield, Western Region, Washington State University


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