What Is Animal Mortality Composting?

The need to dispose of livestock or poultry carcasses is an inevitable part of farming and ranching. What is this process and is it environmentally sound?

Composting is a natural process in which microorganisms convert organic matter into a stabilized product termed compost, which can then be used as a beneficial soil amendment. …

Managing Manure Nutrients Curriculum Materials

Managing manure and manure nutrients is one of the most visible aspects of environmental stewardship for many farms. The materials on this page developed for use in classrooms and extension programs, and for self-study by farmer, and ag professionals.

Agriculture Professionals and Farmers

These materials were used to create a self study module which includes the option to receive a certificate upon successful completion of the quiz.…

Developing an Environmental Policy Statement for a Farm or Ranch Curriculum Materials

An environmental policy statement (EPS) is a proactive way to communicate about your farm, ranch or agribusiness environmental stewardship ethic. At first glance, this might seem like a “feel good” exercise with little practical value. However, experience has shown that farmers and ranchers are quick to identify ways they can use the policy statement for their operation.…

Educational Modules: Building Environmental Leaders in Animal Agriculture (BELAA)

These modules can be used for self-study but also include instructional materials (presentation slides, handouts, quizzes, other activities) that can be utilized by teachers or extension staff/faculty in their programs.

National Ag Education Standards

  • BELAA-AFNR Alignment Matrix (a guide to all of the modules developed in this project and the areas where they align with the Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources career cluster content standards)


Self-Study Units

These following self-study units were primarily developed for the Environmental Leaders Award Program.…