Controlling Ammonia and Air Emissions in Poultry Facilities

Interested in knowing more about air emissions from poultry operations and why there is growing interest in reducing ammonia emission? What are current ammonia mitigation options at poultry facilities? What promising options are being developed? Join us for a webinar aimed to address these questions as we explore ammonia mitigation options in broiler chicken and laying hen housing systems. More…

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Controlling Ammonia Emissions at Poultry Facilities

Eileen Wheeler, Pennsylvania State University (12 minutes)

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Mitigation of Ammonia Emissions from Poultry

Hongwei Xin, Iowa State University (20 minutes)

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Overview of AFO Ammonia Emission Mitigation Methods

Robert Burns, University of Tennessee (27 minutes)

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Question and Answer

All Presenters (10 minutes)

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