Manure Treatment Technology Proceedings for Waste to Worth 2013

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Composting Thermal Technologies & Biochar

In Vessel Composting of Horse Manure (Case Study)

Financial Benefits of Composting Stable Waste

Effect of Fractionation and Pyrolysis on Fuel Properties of Poultry Litter

Developing Alternative Markets for Poultry Litter Biochar

The Farm Manure to Energy Initiative

Solid-Liquid Separation Nutrient Recovery

Solid-Liquid Separation Alternatives for Manure

Benefits of Liquid-Solid Separation with Lagoons

Recovery of Phosphorus from Solid Manure
Vegetative Treatment Systems (VTS)  

Automating Management for a VTS


 Anaerobic Digestion

Cattle Manure/Solid Manure Feedstocks

Anaerobic Digestion of Finishing Cattle Manure

Trickle Flow Leach Bed Reaction for Solid Cattle Waste

Pilot Scale Leach-bed Multistage Digester for Dry-lot Wastes

Dry Anaerobic Digestion (AD) for High Solids Manure

Feasibility at Cattle Operations and Demonstrations of a Decision Support Tool

Valuing Feedstocks–Balancing Energy Potential & Nutrient Content

Improving Methane from Manure Solids through Pretreatment

Co-Digestion and Operational Issues

Dairy Manure Digestion Influenced by Wasted Milk

Systems Nutrient Recovery

Design, Construction, and Implementation of a Pilot Scale Digester

Coupling Dairy Manure Digesters with Commercial Greenhouses

On-Site Analytical Laboratories to Monitor Process Stability

Operation of Internal Combustion Engines

Economical Recovery of Ammonia from Digestate
Pathogens Uses for Solids

Inactivation of Dairy Manure-borne Pathogens

Organic Mulches in Ginseng Production