Manuresheds: Advancing nutrient recycling in US agriculture

In this webinar, we discuss the manureshed vision, the geographic barriers to manureshed recycling, the social networks underlying manureshed management at multiple scales, and provide examples of industry-specific manureshed solutions. This presentation was originally broadcast on May 21, 2021.

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Manuresheds: Advancing nutrient recycling in US agriculture

Sheri Spiegal, USDA-ARS (12 minutes)

Presentation Slides

Geospacial Methods for Manuresheds

Colton Flynn, USDA-ARS (11 minutes)
Presentation Slides

Human Dimensions of Manuresheds

Gwendwr Meredith, University of Idaho (17 minutes)

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Manureshed Impacts Through Expansion of Swine and Poultry Industries

Robb Meinen, Penn State University (13 minutes)

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Questions and Answers From the Audience

All presenters (15 minutes)

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