Reduction and fate of manure pathogens and antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial resistance is a complex issue as it is comprised of not only pathogenic bacteria, but also non-pathogens which share genes within complex environmental systems, such as agricultural fields. This webinar describes potential measures to reduce pathogen and antimicrobial resistance in manure as well as potential fate and transport of manure pathogens and antimicrobial resistance following land application of manure. This presentation was originally broadcast on May 17, 2019. More…

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Reduction and Fate of Manure Pathogens and Antimicrobial Resistance: An Introduction

Lisa Durso, USDA-ARS (2 minutes)

Pathogen Reduction in Manure by Treatment Technologies

Zong Liu, Texas A&M University (15 minutes)

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Dynamics of antibiotic resistance in crop production systems fertilized with animal manures

Ed Topp, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) (16 minutes)

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Parallels among antibiotic usage and culturable antibiotic resistant bacteria from soils amended with dairy manure or compost

Lauren Wind, Virginia Tech (13 minutes)

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All Presenters (14 minutes)

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