Capturing Valuable Nutrients from Manure: Part 3

This webcast is the last in a series of 3 webcasts that provide information on: the need to capture nutrients for recycling off-farm, global phosphorus supplies, and technologies that are being used on-farm to capture nitrogen and phosphorus from manure. This presentation was originally broadcast on January 17, 2014. More…

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Experiences with Nutrient Management and Capture in New York State

Curt Gooch, Cornell University (22 minutes)

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Capturing Valuable Nutrients from Manure: A review of Alternative Systems

Brian Paulsen, Murphy-Brown of Missouri (20 minutes)

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Nutrient Recovery: A Focus on Ammonia

Sasha Rollings-Scattergood, Anaergia (20 minutes)

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Question and Answer

All Presenters (8 minutes)

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