Communicating About Climate Change

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Climate change has become a hot-button issue in mainstream American politics, and people are divided over its causes, impacts, and solutions. This presentation will offer an overview of how the public views the issue of climate change, several explanations for these differences in perception, and possible approaches for bridging the gaps through innovative communication strategies. I will also present some initial findings from a NSF funded project aimed at communicating about climate change and its long-term association with the issue of agricultural runoff in the Maumee Watershed area of Ohio.

This presentation will include information about:

  • Public opinion trends about climate change and public policy
  • Different explanations for divisions in public opinion about climate change
  • What the latest communication research tells us about best climate change communication practices, and about developing a public consensus about this issue

What Did We Do?


What Have We Learned?.

Future Plans


Dr. Erik Nisbet, Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University

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Additional Information

You may learn more information about the topic of climate change at the Ohio State University Changing Climate website