Low Tech Waste to Energy Applications in Developing Countries


Animal waste is fully utilized in most developing countries, particularly in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  Utilization of animal waste for energy, cooking and heating is often of greater importance than use for soil conditioning and fertilization.  The simplest processing of manure, including gut waste from slaughter operations, is to sun-dry the material which is then burned in small, efficient clay burners.  Specialized cooking equipment such as pressure cookers designed to derive the maximum benefit from these low energy fires are also used.Natural gas burners are also employed where the gas is available and offer a much healthier and sanitary option.

A variety of very simple and efficient digesters have been built, and are now employed in many homes, to convert animal waste to useable gas by employing low cost materials. Most of these digesters serve a single home producing cooking, heating and even lighting energy from the waste of a single animal or a small flock or herd.

This presentation will present examples of these systems and discuss how they can be effectively employed by others around the world, including small and hobby farmers in the Pacific Northwest.


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