Construction and Maintenance of a Manure Pond – Part 2

This presentation discusses manure pond liners, case study of installation of synthetic liners, a system to detect seepage rate from manure ponds, and a system to detect leaks in manure ponds. This presentation was originally broadcast on February 19, 2016. More about Part 1 or more about Part 2…

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Manure Pond Liner Case Studies

Joe Harrison, Washington State University (16 minutes)

Presentation Slides

Performance Verification of Environmental Storage Structures

Rick Burns, NTH Consultants (8 minutes)

Presentation Slides

Equipment Used for Structure Verification

Mike Olson, Abletech Industries (13 minutes)

Presentation Slides

Summary of Rapid, Direct Seepage Testing

Rick Burns, NTH Consultants (1 minute)

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Use of a Resistance Meter to Monitor Groundwater Impacts from Wastewater Holding Ponds

Bryan Woodbury, USDA-ARS (23 minutes)

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Questions and Answers

All Presenters (6 minutes)

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